‘To be alive and to be a ‘writer’ is enough’ – Katherine Mansfield, 1917.

I’ve been telling stories since I could talk: as a three year old, I told a long ‘story’ to an arranged audience of teddy bears – captured for posterity on a home family video.

When I was ten I wrote my first ‘book’ – accompanied by illustrated drawings – about the short life of a mosquito who lived a grand life of adventure. I had clearly drawn inspiration from school biology lessons as well as The Tale of Despereauxbut it was a catalyst for the realisation that writing wasn’t just a romantic hobby: it was a real craft and one that I could work on improving for my entire life. While my terrible mosquito story should never see the light of day again, it did fire up a passion for storytelling that has never since been squashed. Whether it was composing childhood musicals, participating in NaNoWriMo each summer, crafting formal essays, or creating fictional worlds in novels for my younger sisters, I have always enjoyed telling a great story. As well as short stories and creative non-fiction, I am currently working on a novel for young adults.

With an academic background in history and English literature, I also have a genuine love for non-fiction content writing and academic research, including formal research essays, historical storytelling, plain English content writing and book reviewing. I’m a book reviewer for NZ Booksellers – recent reviews include We Can Make a Life by Chessie Henry, Ponti by Sharlene Teo, and Rotoroa by Amy Head.

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