As a freelance editor and researcher, I have worked for companies such as Cognition Education Ltd, StoryBox, Heritage New Zealand, LexisNexis, and New Zealand publishing presses Escalator Press and Freerange Press. For four years, I worked as an administrative assistant for Top Class Books for Children, a company who deliver books to school libraries across New Zealand.

Below you’ll find a brief portfolio of my professional publishing and creative experience. As well as working with words and their intricacies (structural editing, content editing, proofreading, content writing, fact checking), I also have production, project management, marketing and academic research experience. If you would like to know my full work history, please contact me here.

Editing and Proofreading

Writing and Research

Project Management

  • Whitireia Nursing & Health Journal 2017. As part of the Whitireia Publishing graduate year, each student project managed a manuscript through the entire publication process. With a team of six, I project managed the 2017 Whitireia Nursing & Health Journal through the editing, typesetting, design and printing process. I was also one of the editors of the journal, which involved significant copy-editing, proofreading, fact checking and reference formatting.

Production and Design

  • 4th Floor 2017. As part of the WordPress production team for 4th Floor 2017, I formatted and uploaded prose and poetry contributions from 29 authors, designed a theme for the 2017 website, and produced and designed a printed zine using Adobe InDesign.
  • Design Assignment, ‘Wellington, A History’. As part of the Whitireia Publishing year, we were trained in Adobe Creative Suite products, such as InDesign and Photoshop. For this design assignment we were required to create an InDesign non-fiction book template from scratch and then typeset the first chapter (with found images).

Marketing and Publicity

  • Performing Dramaturgy (Playmarket New Zealand, 2017). As marketer and publicist for Performing Dramaturgy, I created media releases, contact lists and arranged interviews and publicity for the non-fiction title.

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A special thank you to Christine Ling and Ged Finch for their professional photography.