‘Editing is a conversation, not a monologue’ – Susan Bell, The Artful Edit. 

As a writer myself, I know how difficult receiving critique can be, especially when you’ve spent months and years working on your characters’ stories and fine-tuning sentences to perfection. Yet I also know how much writing strengthens when a good critical eye points out flaws that one might skip over in their excitement to get the ideas onto the page. As an editor, I want to help you produce the best writing that you can. This does not mean changing your work to suit a style; it means working with you to ensure your unique style is as grammatically clean and structurally powerful as possible.

Whether you’re looking to publish your work in New Zealand or overseas, self-publish or traditionally publish, I can provide essential services that will ensure your manuscript is in the best possible shape for publication. My services include:

  • Manuscript assessment (objective, detailed feedback on the overall structure, style, readership and marketability of your manuscript).
  • Developmental editing (an in-depth assessment of the structure, characters and pace of the manuscript. Assisting you to improve the manuscript’s readability and presentation).
  • Copy-editing (looking at the finer details of the writing: sentence structure, grammar and punctuation).
  • Proofreading (catching all those slippery, mischievous typos), including for university essays and dissertations.
  • Assistance with the publishing process, such as crafting cover letters, writing blurbs and preparing publicity media releases.

I am a trained editor and proofreader who will provide a thorough and professional review of your work. I am based in New Zealand, but I will adhere to any style guide and am equally happy using US-spelling as I am UK.

Every writer has a different voice; every editor has a different style. My editing experience and personal passions include young adult fiction, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, memoir and a wide variety of non-fiction. Even if your work belongs outside of these categories, feel free to message me and we can discuss whether we would be the right fit.

Contact Me

For more information, email me with a word count and a brief summary of your work. I look forward to hearing from you!